Elabox Report Two

ElaboxOS Release 0.4.1

Following developer testing, and user feedback, the below amendments and improvements have been made to the ElaboxOS. We will continue to enhance the product as we follow our roadmap below.

Quick update on pending orders: The board shipment from our supplier is delayed by 2 weeks. Therefore customer shipments are estimated to recommence in mid-April

ElaboxOS: New additions

Power controls

Add Reboot and Shutdown along with the Log out button. More control over powering up and down directly from the software interface is now possible.

Keystore Upload

The ability to add a wallet via keystore uploading has been added to Settings. Wallet addition just got easier.

Glide Integration

We think this is one of particular interest to the DeFi advocates amongst the Elabox network. No longer rely on web2 access to your Glide Finance activities. Peer-to-peer DeFi on Elastos Smart Chain is now here for the Elabox community. As Sash (Orchard, CR Council member, Elacity founder) described it: “we are now definitely Web2.5”.

Another step towards the next generation of the internet and owning one’s own data.

MetaMask integration:

Further to the Glide dApp, is that of MetaMask integration (via Port: 2063; Chain ID: 20). Access to the Elastos Smart Chain is now available through ElaboxOS.

Further updates to the OS

  • Keystore setup bug fix
  • Security feature for password login
  • Multiple security enhancements
  • ESC and EID sync bug fixes
  • …and another ton of minor fixes and updates

Development Roadmap

  • DID integration for Elabox license purchase
  • System authentication via DID
  • Elabox DApp Store v1: Download, install, update and configure services and apps
  • We are currently integrating DID and Essentials support, this will make buying ElaboxOS license possible. Users can then buy and use their own Raspberry Pi or other SBC and install the OS.

Some users have reported wallet issues - we will therefore address this issue before airdropping all ELA rewards collected since October. Rest assured that we will distribute these ELA fairly.

And to finish, some big news:

We have teamed up with ela.city to participate in a Community Grant Fund application for developers. Please have a read of our initial CR draft and let us know your thoughts. If you support it, drop a like or comment on the CR suggestion.

Thanks from both teams! 🐘+📦 = 🥰

The most secure way to access the Decentralized Web and keep your digital assets secure

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The most secure way to access the Decentralized Web and keep your digital assets secure

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